We are Boat Part Plus

Welcome to Boat Part Plus

Boat Part Plus is a first of it’s kind global community dedicated to boaters and the boating industry alike. Our website is resident to a world of affordable and quality boating products. This combined with the knowledge and experience of our forum members provides a quality boating experience that will keep you on the water and coming back!

It is our mission to create a unique boating experience with a combination of informational forums and ecommerce functionality. At Boat Part Plus we accomplished this by building an all-inclusive platform that connects a community of sellers, buyers, and boaters.

How Boat Part Plus Works

Our global marketplace is a dynamic society of
people connecting over new or used boat parts,
as well as marine services. The platform gives
sellers an opportunity to create and manage
their own store, while connecting with buyers globally.


Sell efficiently

With a variety of affordable membership packages and useful
tools, we help individuals in open and mange their own store. Want to start selling?
Get started with a small, flat rate fee.

Sell convincingly

Buy with confidence

With a community of boaters selling on Boat Part
Plus, our categories and search engine assist
buyers in finding exactly what they are looking
for at the best prices available.


Shop securely

Boat Part Plus uses proven technology in PayPal,
making it easy for buyers and sellers to connect
and exchange. Boat Part Plus is a joy to use, and it
is the priority to make sure interactions on Boat
Part Plus are safe and equitable for all parties.


Our impact

Boat Part Plus’s goal to create a unique boating
experience is the foundation to creating positive
experiences and economic opportunity for buyers and sellers in the boating community.